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Marines should be familiar with the mechanics of developing and maintaining Sharepoint sites, updating Wikipedia pages or other means as dictated by the mission and associated supporting infrastructure. To answer intelligence requirements in the time allotted by the 1.

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Coordinate intelligence support to the Red Cell. Coordinate intelligence support to the development of the Operations Order. To satisfy unit intelligence requirements in support of the 1. Determine intelligence requirements. Provide verbal intelligence products. Provide written intelligence products. Provide electronic intelligence products.

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Provide intelligence support to the joint targeting process. JP Joint Intelligence 2. JP Joint Tactics, Techniques,. These Marines require knowledge of targeting categories and the BE number program. For physical targets, target study may include target description, location, imagery or graphics, composition or construction, and significance of the target. For High-Value Individuals HVIs , this includes target location, known associations, significance of the target and related information and intelligence.

Produce target analysis products.

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Maintain targeting list. Update target folder based on combat assessments.

Identify target areas of interest. Produce target area of interest overlay. JP Joint Targeting 4.

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Unit intelligence chiefs require knowledge of targeting categories and the BE number program. Provide input to the targeting cycle. Contribute to the Targeting Board. Provide recommendations for the commanders targeting guidance. Contribute to combat assessment. Provide intelligence support to information operations IO.

This chapter details the individual events that pertain to Imagery Analysis Specialists. Each individual event provides an event title, along with the conditions events will be performed under, and the standard. This chapter utilizes the following methodology a.

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Field orie. This field represents the conununity. Field two. Field three. This field provides the level at which the event is accomplished and numerical sequencing of events. Review the Commander's Guidance. Review information requirements. Identify information shortfalls.

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Identify relevant information sources. Identify relevant research tools. Develop research strategy. Access relevant data repositories. Search data repositories. Compile relevant results. All Marines should demonstrate the ability to develop and draft clear, concise written intelligence products. STANDARD: To accurately and effectively convey information in accordance with established intelligence community standards within an established tirneline. Read reports. Identify key information.


Develop an assessment. Develop an outline. Write a draft. Cite sources. Annotate classification. Ensure grammar is correct. Ensure content is correct. Submit for review. Produce final document. With the aid of references. Identify intelligence disciplines. Identify capabilities associated with intelligence disciplines. Identify MOSs associated with intelligence disciplines. Identify intelligence functions. Explain intelligence functions. The intelligence cycle consists of a series of related activities that translate the need for intelligence about a particular aspect of the battlespace or threat into a knowledge-based product that is provided to the commander for use in the decision making cycle.

Explain collection. Explain processing and exploitation. Explain production.

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Explain dissemination. Explain utilization. Identify the 16 Intelligence Agencies. Explain intelligence oversight. Define intelligence. Define counterintelligence. Define foreign intelligence. To extract essential elements of information listed within the IR. Utilize multi-source remote sensed data. Identify denial and deception techniques. Utilize principles of imagery interpretation. Create product.