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Nonlinear Dynamics & Chaos With Applications To Physics Biology Chemistry & Engineering

Chaotic Motion in Mechanical and Engineering Systems. About this book Introduction The treatment of chaotic dynamics in mathematics and physics during last two decades has led to a number of new concepts for the investigation of complex behavior in nonlinear dynamical processes. The aim the CISM course Engineering Applications of Dynamics of Chaos of which this is the proceedings volume was to make these concepts available to engineers and applied scientists possessing only such modest knowledges in mathematics which are usual for engineers, for example graduating from a Technical University.

The contents of the articles contributed by leading experts in this field cover not only theoretical foundations and algorithmic and computational aspects but also applications to engineering problems. In the first article an introduction into the basic concepts for the investigation of chaotic behavior of dynamical systems is given which is followed in the second article by an extensive treatment of approximative analytical methods to determine the critical parameter values describing the onset of chaos.

The important relation between chaotic dynamics and the phenomenon of turbulence is treated in the third article by studying instabilities various fluid flows.

In this contribution also an introduction into interesting phenomenon of pattern formation is given. The fourth and fifth articles present various applications to nonlinear oscillations including roll motions of ships, rattling oscillations in gear boxes, tumbling oscillations of satellites, flutter motions of fluid carrying pipes and vibrations of robot arms. In the final article a short treatment of hyperchaos is given.

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In most of the practical applications, the dynamic phenomena becomes substantial and complex in nature. Appropriate mathematical models and efficient simulation methods are highly inevitable to accurately predict the possible behaviour of these systems. Many physical and engineering systems embrace the nonlinear parts as subsystems and their presence might affect the overall dynamic behaviour of the system.

Lecture: Application of Runge-Kutta to Chaotic Dynamics and the Double Pendulum

Nonlinear dynamical systems often experience chaotic motion or route to chaos when the system parameter varies that never settle into a fixed point. However, implementing nonlinear dynamics into existing real world engineering systems has not been flourished well and remained unclear to many engineers and scientists.

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Thus, the aim of this workshop is to bring together leading specialists from engineering, applied mathematics, physics, and biophysics to promote interdisciplinary discussion in areas related to dynamics, chaos and their applications. Workshop dates: December 2.