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Principles of Macroeconomics. Most popular free etextbooks. Frankenstein; Or, The Modern Prometheus. Most popular etextbook categories. Earth Sciences, Geography, Environment, Planning. Most popular etextbook sub-categories. Get as much information as you can about the test and the material it will cover.

Read all directions very carefully. This is important.

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Look over the test from beginning to end. This is called surveying the test. See how many parts it has, and where its various focuses might be. A thorough survey of the test often helps students discover patterns and even get answers to other parts of the test. Go with what you know. On objective tests, answer the ones you know first.

If the answer sheet is one of those machine-scored ones on which you fill in the bubble, be careful to leave an empty space each time you skip an answer.

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On a multiple choice test, eliminate answers you know are not true. Despite advice to the contrary, if you have time left over, and if you are confident that you have answered an item incorrectly, go ahead and change it. Right here a tip is in order: for most people it is more efficient and effective to read the material several times quickly rather than once very closely. Therefore, if you have to know the material in three chapters, you will probably be better off to read each chapter quickly three or four times than to read each chapter slowly and only once.

With practice, this even takes less time. When your professor passes out the essay test questions, follow these steps: Essay exams are usually read and graded quickly. Your reader the teacher wants to see that you thought about your answer before writing, include the appropriate material or information, and checked it over after your were finished.

Your writing must be smoothly organized and convincingly developed. Take the time carefully to read and understand all directions on the test.

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On some tests you are to answer every question; on some, you are to pick from among choices. If the professor says to spend only so many minutes on some portion and more or less on the rest, do as you are told. In any event, plan your time carefully. If you have one hour, and three questions to answer, decide how to split up your time, but be sure to leave time for proofreading.

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If you have choices, be sure to answer the questions on which you can do your best. If choices work in your favor, choose those. Make sure that you understand the questions: what exactly does your teacher want you to do? Sometimes you are asked to discuss, sometimes to compare, sometimes to contrast, sometimes to analyze, and so on.

Understand before going in what verbs like this mean, and think about what you are asked to do on the test. Make sure that you know exactly how many parts the questions has, because this will dictate how many parts your answer has. Remember: If you make it easy for the teacher to read, your grade will likely be higher.

Here is a sample question from a course in medieval European history: Discuss the roles of the manor, the castle, and the church in 14th century village life. Follow the guidelines on the previous page and decide a strategy to answer this question. When you have decided what to do, read the following.

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Summary: Know the material to be covered. Be sure to read, understand, and follow all directions on the test and for each question. If you have a choice, pick what you know best. Plan your time carefully. Begin each answer by turning the questions into a statement. Student essentials dissertation excellent dissertations peter vin ebook by jessica cooper.

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