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Your child will meet with an orthotist if they need an orthotic such as a foot, ankle or knee support.

St. Joseph's Children's Hospital - Limb Lengthening

If your child needs a cast to protect their limb, you will meet a registered orthopaedic technologist. This person specializes in putting on casts and removing them safely. The patient information clerks will be the first people you meet when you arrive at the hospital. They will register your child and tell you where to go at each of your appointments.

As you plan for your child's treatment before their limb reconstruction surgery, it is important to consider how you can support your child through their patient journey. Having limb lengthening and reconstruction surgery and staying in the hospital can be scary for children. Child life specialists use play as a tool to help make your child's experience as positive as possible.

You can access this service at any point during your journey. Some hospitals have a team of health care professionals who can help your child to manage pain. They are often involved when a child is in the hospital after surgery but may be needed at other times during treatment. You can reach the members of your child's healthcare team at Sic kKids at the numbers below. Simon Kelley assistant: Bonnie Louie Dr.

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Unni Narayanan assistant: Lourdes Buencamino Dr. Andrew Howard assistant: Maricar Aruta Skip to main content. Trusted answers from The Hospital for Sick Children.

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Management of complex long bone nonunions using limb reconstruction system

Learning Hubs Browse a complete list of content groups. A health website for youth. A health website for children. Videos from AboutKidsHealth. English English French. Limb lengthening and reconstruction: Your child's healthcare team By SickKids staff. Key points Your child will meet a number of healthcare professionals as they go through limb lengthening and reconstruction.

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These include the orthopaedic surgeon, physical therapy practitioner, physiotherapists, nurses and administrative assistants. You and your child may also meet with a child life specialist and members of the social work or pain team if needed. Orthopaedic surgeon Physical therapy practitioner Physiotherapists Orthopaedic Floor nurses Orthopaedic Clinic nurses Anaesthesiologist Clinical trainees residents, fellows Administrative assistants Orthotists Orthopaedic technologists Patient information clerks Orthopaedic surgeon You will meet with a surgeon at your first visit to the hospital.

Physical therapy practitioner You will briefly meet a physical therapy practitioner PTP at your first clinic visit. Physiotherapist You will meet with a physiotherapist PT at your education session before surgery. Orthopaedic Floor nurses The inpatient nurses on the orthopaedic floor will take care of your child after their surgery until they go home. Orthopaedic Clinic nurses The orthopaedic clinic nurses will talk to you about how to prepare for surgery and what to expect when you come to the hospital. Anaesthesiologist You will meet with an anaesthesiologist before going for surgery.

Clinical trainees Clinical trainees include orthopaedic clinical fellows and residents. Orthopaedic residents are doctors who have completed medical school and are being trained in orthopaedic surgery. Administrative assistants The administrative assistants work with the surgeons to organize your care. Ways to Give. Find Us. San Francisco Campus Fourth St. Events Runner Clinic.

Generalist Obstetrical Physician: A residency-trained obstetrician and gynecologist, expert in diseases specific to women. For Media.

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Advanced Limb Reconstruction

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